Witness Trees of Illinois

Submitted by Commissioner Suzi Myers  Are you looking for something to do this fall? Have a cell phone? How about looking for a Witness Tree and verifying its existence?   A Witness Tree a historic tree that has remained in place for decades or even centuries after noteworthy events as well as ordinary events have unfolded around it.   During the 1800s when Europeans… Read More Witness Trees of Illinois

17th & Walnut Streets Flood Reduction is a Success Story

Back in May 2020, several rainstorms led to severe street flooding. Walnut Street, between 17th Street and 19th Street, is a location that has historically had street flooding which has caused residential property damage.  This location is included in the State Street Creek Watershed Master Plan. The Plan recommends adding stormwater detention where practical, as… Read More 17th & Walnut Streets Flood Reduction is a Success Story

Smart Salting

A Reminder from the Natural Resources Commission Salt helps to keep our roads and sidewalks safe in the winter and softens water in our homes throughout the year. However, over-use of salt comes with high price. Chloride from salt infiltrates our lakes, streams, and groundwater putting aquatic life and freshwater resources at risk. Some easy… Read More Smart Salting