Horsepower Therapeutic Riding Helps Children and Adults with Disabilities

HorsePower Therapeutic Riding was founded in 2012 to provide creative, inspiring, and challenging therapeutic horseback riding lessons to children and adults with disabilities. Since our inception we have expanded to include equine-assisted learning, animal-assisted activities, and ranch connection programs. These programs have allowed our participants to experience
social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth in an inclusive environment, providing stability and empowerment within their daily lives.

Oftentimes, families managing chronic mental, emotional, and disability challenges face enormous financial burdens. Our scholarship program makes it possible for these individuals to experience the life changing therapies our program offers, at an affordable rate. The St. Charles
Mental Health Board’s past contribution provided scholarship funding for our participants for nearly three months.

Our programs have the overarching goal to empower our participants through hands-on interactions, teaching self-reflection, acquiring new skills, and human-to-animal connection. On any day at HorsePower, you could see a teen who self-harms learning assertiveness by navigating their horse through an obstacle course, a child with autism regulating their sensory
system by learning how to clean and feed a goat, or an adult in substance abuse recovery observing horse herd dynamics and making personal connections with how they relate to their peers.

Click here to watch a video to learn more about HorsePower Therapeutic Riding.