Have a Proactive Start to the School Year

From the St. Charles Community Mental Health Board

For Parents of Preschool & Elementary School Students

  • Review and/or empty papers from the take-home folder after school each day.
  • Daily, read teacher school, and district messages that are emailed or sent through an electronic portal to parents.
  •  Tell your children specific expectations you have for after-school routines, such as playing outside, eating a snack, completing homework, participating in extracurricular activities, etc.

For Parents of Middle & High School Students

  • Encourage the use of a paper of electronic calendar/planner to keep track of assignments and other time commitments
  • Talk about how to break down large assignments into smaller parts with deadlines for each step.
  • Help your tweens and teens determine the time slots they have available to do homework and how much time is required for other activities on their calendar (including travel time.)

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