Elderday Center Enriches Older Adult Lives

From the St. Charles Mental Health Board

The importance of honoring our elders, those who have paved the way and paid a price for our opportunities to run hard after our dreams, serves as a constant reminder that I will always be stepping on the building blocks laid by their hard work and sacrifice. Simple, yet profound and clear marching orders, and the foundation of Elderday Center Home of Seniors helping Seniors Fox Valley model of service to our pearls (seniors). It is our honor to serve you!

At Elderday Center we have been blessed to serve the pearls of our community for 31 years through our Therapeutic Adult Day Services Program. Elderday Center’s therapeutic daily activity program provides daytime structure for up to 35 participants at our Batavia location and up to 20 at our new Elgin location. This also includes providing a nutritious lunch as well as two snacks each day, along with therapeutic social activities, music therapy, expressive art activities, therapeutic activities with pets, exercises, and activities of daily living. Our pearls are well cared for. We currently have openings for new members at both locations.

We are also very excited to provide in-home compassionate care services to our pearls through Seniors Helping Seniors Fox Valley (SHS). SHS has been serving the Fox Valley area for 7 years and provides quality care for seniors who want to stay home. As the name denotes, 90% of our caregivers are seniors 60 years and above. For many of our caregivers they see this as an extension of their personal ministry and a way to keep invested in the lives of some of our most precious members of society, our pearls. This new venture is allowing us to further address the national initiative of helping our seniors “age in place” as long as possible.

We currently have caregiver positions open in Seniors Helping Seniors and would welcome a call to find out more about this position. If you love helping seniors and want to make a difference in their golden years, then we may have a place for you in our family.

Please note that our community outreach team is available to come and speak with community groups, churches, etc., who would like to find out more about our services. Thank You for considering Elderday Center Home of Seniors Helping Seniors Fox Valley to assist with serving your loved ones. For us it is an honor.