Green Holiday Tips

by Natural Resources Commissioner Heather Goudreau 

The fall decor is all put away and we’re onto a new holiday season.  It’s a season of friends, family gift giving, cookie exchanges and celebrations.   

There are many ways to make your holiday gift wrapping a bit greener.  Avoid shiny/foil looking wrapping paper, it is mixed material which has to go to the landfill.  Instead, stick with traditional paper wrapping paper, which can be recycled.  Take it to the next step and wrap gifts in reusable gift bags, blankets or newspaper!  Bows, ribbon, garland and any other extra decor may add a little extra to the gift, but they also add extra to the landfill.  Save as much as possible for reuse the next year.   

When you attend or host parties, be prepared for the leftovers.  Bring containers from home or have reusable containers for your guests to take home leftovers.  Don’t over think this one.  Make it easy and save take-out food plastic containers.  They make great “doggie bags” for party or restaurant leftovers.  Ready to take it to the next step?  Keep a container in your car for when you eat out and can’t finish your meal.   

Gift giving can be green and much more meaningful with some extra thought!  Your loved ones will remember time spent with you more than a candle or gift card.  We have lots of great experiences right here in St. Charles.  Some of our local chefs host charcuterie board making parties, baking & cooking classes and private chef nights.  We also have axe throwing, escape rooms, bounce places, sledding hills and more.  Rent snowshoes from the park district and check out one of our local parks.  Give the gift of a park district class, go retro with some roller skating, gather friends for a bowling party, give the gift of indoor skydiving experience, dance classes.  Time spent with friends and family will make lasting memories.    

Happy Holidays!