Sustainable Gardening

Submitted by Natural Resources Commission Student Comm. Daniella Taylor

Growing a garden is an easy way for you to be sustainable and grow delicious foods. However, sometimes in an effort to be more efficient with our gardens, we forget to keep sustainability in mind. There are many small changes you can make in order to keep gardens that improve our environment.

Some easy changes to make in your garden:

  1. Use manual tools – These tools last a long time and don’t require any gas or fuel that can release emissions into the atmosphere
  2. Compost green waste – Grass clippings, flower heads, dead leaves, etc. can all be used in your compost to provide your garden with sustainable and natural fertilizer.
  3. Save seeds – Not only does this save you a lot of money, but it is also as easy as collecting and drying seeds that are a product of your garden and replanting them.
  4. Organic methods of herbicide – Instead of putting harmful chemicals into your garden, look into the many more sustainable and organic options that are available, such as herbicidal soaps, and manual weed removal.
  5. Sustainable plant tags – Use wood instead of plastic plant tags! They’re more sustainable, more customizable, reusable, and a fun craft to make with friends and family.

Sustainability is as easy as implementing a few changes!


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