London (Planetree) Calling

It almost sounds like a late-night gadget commercial: this one item improves your property value, cleans the air we breathe, shelters and feeds local wildlife, becomes more beautiful the older it gets, and even fights climate change! All of this, and more, courtesy of the tree.

As planting season arrives, dear reader, so much can be done by planting a tree. Even a simple task comes with questions: what kind of tree? Where do I get a tree? Are some trees more suitable for our environment than others? Read on!

Most experts and publications will agree that planting one or more of any number of tree varieties will achieve all the benefits of our faux infomercial above. At the Natural Resources Commission, we know you want more. How about a tree that’s economical, native to Illinois, readily available, attractive, and best yet a champion at absorbing the polluting and climate-changing gas CO2 (carbon dioxide)? I give you the London Planetree.

You may be thinking “London Planetree sounds exotic and the last time I checked my maps or GPS London is in the UK, not Illinois.” Fear not! The London Planetree is variant of that midwestern stalwart, the sycamore tree. Despite the name, it’s also native to Illinois. Even better, the economical and readily-available boxes are checked since these are among the trees included in the City of St. Charles 50/50 Parkway tree program. Our fair city shares the cost of the tree with you!

Full disclosure: any of the trees listed in the City of St. Charles 50/50 Parkway tree program are good choices, so if you prefer the bald cypress or another species, more power to you! Happy planting! And with apologies to the famous band The Clash, maybe you’ll hear “London Calling.” Check out the Morton Arboretum website and the links below for more information!

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London Planetree photo courtesy of the Morton Arboretum