E-government Tools Help the City Work E-fficiently

By City Administrator Mark Koenen

Here at the City, we always strive to provide professional, reliable, cost-effective services to our residents and businesses. We have embraced technology with e-government tools that help us increase productivity, operate more efficiently and be more environmentally friendly.

  • Accounts Payable – The City completely eliminated paper invoices and reduced invoice processing time by 80% using the Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management System implemented in 2015.
  • Records Management – The Laserfiche system also means we can store records and data in a virtual archive, which has streamlined our records management and Freedom of Information Act request processes as well.
  • Job Application Process – With up to 400 applicants for some positions, just last month the City unveiled a new online job application system that streamlines the application process for both job candidates and our Human Resources staff. The system’s NeoGov software shares City job openings in the national governmentjobs.com database.
  • Snow Plow Resource Management – The City’s snowplow resources are tracked in real time for efficient snow removal operations using the Snow Fox Management System. Our award-winning Geographic Information Systems Division developed the system using Esri mapping software.
  • Utility Bill Payment – We’re getting ready to launch a revamped Utility Payment System that offers paperless billing, as well as the latest payment features, such as pay online, by phone or text. The new system is offered through Paymentus and is easy to use from any electronic device.

As technology continues to evolve, we will continue to explore how we can further improve the quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the services we provide.