Community Service Program Benefits City and Those Serving

By Francisco Fregoso, Community Restitution Coordinator 

The City is always looking for ways to do more with less. One creative cost-saving initiative is the Police Department’s Community Restitution program. The program offers defendants who have committed minor offenses an opportunity to repay their violations in the form of community service hours. During the month of December alone, there were a total of 38 defendants participating in the program, with more than 1200 hours of community service hours completed totaling more than $18,000 saved.

Francisco Fregoso, a veteran of the US Navy manages the program. Those assigned perform services such as:

  • Picking up garbage on more than 45 City streets
  • Washing City vehicles
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the downtown parking lots and garages
  • Keeping the downtown sidewalks clean
  • Clearing snow and salting some public places and City facilities
  • Countless other tasks that come up each week

Individuals are assigned to the program through the judicial system or a local adjudication hearing as part of their sentencing agreement. It offers them an opportunity for a second chance, while also saving the city thousands of dollars annually. Since its inception in 2004, 2,284 workers have completed 167,190 hours of work for the City with an accumulated value of $2.5 million!

We are happy to continue to provide this service to the City, the community, and its residents. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions regarding our program and services please feel free to contact Community Restitution Coordinator Francisco Fregoso at 630.762.6975, or Deputy Chief Erik Mahan at 630.443.3841,