When it Comes to Public Safety, We’re All in it Together

By Police Chief Jim Keegan, jkeegan@stcharlesil.gov

The 2016 Annual Report of the St. Charles Police Department is now available on our website. Whether you are a resident, business owner, law enforcement candidate or just taking a look at our programs, I hope you will find our annual report useful and informative.

Our annual report is much more than a statistical breakdown of our activity. It highlights our personnel, programs and our community outreach.

The St. Charles Police Department is comprised of dedicated professionals who are committed to safeguarding the lives and property of our residents through a strong partnership with our community.

We truly believe in community-oriented public service and our force strives to make each interaction a positive one. Whether for a simple service call or an emergency, please call 911 and utilize the services of our police department. Many people are reluctant to call 911 not wanting to bother emergency personnel for simple service calls such as barking dogs, parking complaints, or loud music. We do not view our callers as a bother. If it is of concern to you, please let us know. We believe that ‘If you see it, say it! – call 911.’ Remember, crime prevention is everyone’s responsibility! In fact, the creator of the Metropolitan Police (Sir Robert Peel) coined this phrase almost two centuries ago…Its principles still hold true today:

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