Public Service has Something for Everyone!

By Denice Brogan, Assistant Director of Human Resources,

Why do we serve? Watch this video to hear from City of St. Charles employees about why they chose public service.

As a teenager trying to decide on a college to attend, major to declare, and career to pursue, local government was not on my radar. My career path led me to the City of St. Charles by chance, but public service is truly where I was meant to be. Prior to working here, like many people, I had no idea what it took to run a city and provide quality city services, nor did I have any idea of the abundant career opportunities that existed in local government.

I am the Assistant Director of Human Resources and have been at the City for 15 years. The responsibility I am most proud of is recruitment, selection, and hiring. I have facilitated hiring for electric lineman who keep the lights on; police officers; public works laborers who plow the snow and trim the parkway trees; accountants; water and wastewater operators who ensure there is clean water to drink and that wastewater we flush is processed; civil engineers; utility billing representatives who processes utility payments; administrative assistants who support every department; building inspectors who ensure safe building occupancy; information technology specialists; firefighters; planners to review development projects; and countless other critically important positions that round out the skilled, committed, and resourceful City staff who ensure the City successfully operates.

These employees tackle some of the most important challenges and opportunities facing our community. Without this workforce of civil servants that pour everything they have into making a difference, the vision and mission established by the elected officials could not be made a reality.

We need to encourage talented young people to seek careers in public service. Career opportunities in local government are abundant but are often overlooked. I’m not sure if it’s because of the stereotypes that exist about “government” employees, which are certainly not true here. St. Charles has a professional, hardworking, dedicated, and passionate group of employees. Public employees need to keep telling their stories and sharing their professional experiences with their families, friends, and communities to help promote interest in careers in public service.

During Public Service Recognition Week May 7-13, 2017, we celebrate the efforts of the women and men who answered the call to serve our community as government employees. The well-being of our community depends on the passion and dedication of our workforce. Join us this week and throughout the year in showing them the respect and appreciation they infrequently receive yet abundantly deserve.

Public Service Recognition Week 2017 Proclamation