It’s a Wonderful Life in the City of St. Charles

by Jennifer Kuhn, Senior Administrative Assistant in the Human Resources Department at the City of St. Charles,

Community spirit, caring for the needs of all citizens, memory-making gatherings, beautiful surroundings, safe neighborhoods, and many other qualities describe the City of St. Charles. The recent community Thanksgiving meal with our neighbors from Lazarus House, the lighting of the Christmas tree with our talented high school choirs singing in the holidays, the Electric light parade that brings delight to young and old, and our school and neighborhood communities that provide support to all citizens are just a few of the unique offerings for those who live in St. Charles.

All of these events and the many others we enjoy annually – homecoming parades, the Scarecrow festival, the Fine Arts show, the Memorial Day parade and services, the St. Patrick’s Day parade – all require the partnership of hundreds of volunteers, committees, associations, and employees. And why have we continued these community gatherings? Because they are part of the fabric of the community spirit we enjoy, which can only be built when we do gather together to celebrate and honor our citizens.

Just as families are strengthened when they gather often, communities are built through our relationships with one another, be it through a neighbor shoveling another’s drive way, volunteers assisting agencies to reach out to those in need, community development plans that take into account the need to grow and the need to preserve our city, or a city joyfully gathering to welcome Santa.

Just as George Bailey came to understand that his contribution to the community of Bedford Falls did in fact make a difference, each of us who live in or work in St. Charles also affect the community. And, just as George needed the support of his community during a rough patch, we also rally around our neighbors in need during this holiday season.

I am proud to be a resident of the City of St. Charles, and have in fact experienced a wonderful life in this caring community.

Photo: From Everett Collection