A Special Thank You from the Chief of Police

The events across our country in 2016 have given us all a framework for reflection on the value of law enforcement and the services that we as police officers provide our residents, businesses and visitors.

The officers lost this year serve as a grim reminder of the inherent dangers of police work and what it means to “serve and protect.”

Although we are blessed to work in a safe and vibrant community here in St. Charles, our police force is part of a larger “police family” and we all feel the impact of these events nationwide.

Today’s police officers do much more than make arrests and enforce traffic laws; they sometimes act as counselors, social workers and referees. We do not ask for thanks, but rather provide these services as a foundational duty to the “oath” we all took when became police officers.

I want to thank the community for their support during the last year. Our residents, businesses, schools and religious groups have been outstanding! Our force serves a wonderful community. The “thanks” sent to us have taken many forms this year. From kind words to handshakes, emails, phone calls, notes, cards, baked goods and pizzas. It’s wonderful to know that we are supported by our elected officials, staff and community members.

On behalf of the men and women who make up the St. Charles Police Department, THANK YOU! We truly appreciate that so many of you have taken the time to express you gratitude. We are thankful for this support.

Yours in Service,

Police Chief James Keegan


Visit the City of St. Charles Flickr page for some pictures of those who stopped by to thank our police officers.