05 Mar

City of St. Charles Preparing Mobile Application for Residents

STC Connect


Over the past few years, technology has rapidly changed and new methods of communication have been implemented by forward-thinking organizations. St. Charles has changed the way that it communicates with stakeholders, including the deployment of Facebook, Twitter, e-mail list serves, blogs, and RSS feeds. All have been well-received by constituents who have also adopted new ways to communicate with their co-workers, family, and friends.

The City has been able to embrace more electronic communication efforts with efficiency. As part of the continued evolution of the City’s overall communication strategy, the City of St. Charles is preparing a new mobile application. It is called St. Charles Connect and will be available for all major mobile operating systems including iOS, Blackberry, Android, and Windows.

St. Charles Connect will be a real time, mobile tool that gives citizens direct access to the City of St. Charles right from their smartphones. Residents will be able to download the free mobile app and the intuitive design will make it easy to report an issue, such as a broken streetlight, or to request services from the City.

St. Charles Connect will enable a user to select a Report Type from a pre-populated list developed by a team of City employees. Once a Report Type is selected, additional comments can be added and a photo or video attached to the report. The mobile device’s global positioning system (GPS) functionality will automatically append accurate location information to the report.

The City encourages civic engagement and recognizes the value of mobile technology in quickly resolving issues, while saving both time and money. With St. Charles Connect, everyone can contribute to continuing St. Charles’ reputation as the Pride of the Fox.

The current schedule calls for St. Charles Connect to “go live” on April 2, 2013. Stay tuned for further details!